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The following is the listing of different kinds of yantras

Shree Dhanada Yantra For acquire the wealth
Shree Karya Siddhi Yantra For acquire fulfil desire
Shree Vashikaran Yantra For attracting any man or woman
Shree Bhagwan Dattatreya Yantra For prosperity
Shree Gayatri Devi Yantra For acquire knowledge
Shree Rama Rkasha Yantra For protection of your child
Shree Shabari Mata Pujan Yantra For acquire mystic power
Shree Navanth Yantra For acquire miraculous power
Shree Maha-mrutunjaya Yantra For conquer the sickness and death
Shree Mahadurga devi Pujan Yantra For acquire strength and will power
Graha Peeda Nivarana Yantra For remove the black magic
Shree Ganesh Yantra For acquire the super fast memory
Shree Hanuman Yantra For acquire will power self "
Shree Shanishchra Yantra For remove the black magic
Shree Vyankatesh Balajee Yantra For acquire prosperity
Shree Bagalamukhi Devi Yantra For gain the unexpected wealth
Shree Shiva Yantra For gain the self confidence
Chittakarshan or Vidyutmans Yantra For gaining anything you desired
Shree Shiva Panchakshari Yantra For remove the black magic
Yantra overcoming evil effects of Sadesti (7-1/2 years period during which
saturn pases from the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses of the native)
Yantra bringing good luck
Yantra for worshipping the planet of Moon.
Yantra for worshipping the planet of Sun
Yantra for worshipping the planet of Mara
Yantra for worshipping the planet of Mercury
Yantra for worshipping the planet of Jupiter
Yantra for worshipping the planet of Venus
Yantra for worshipping the planet of Saturn
Yantra for worshipping the planet of Rahu
Yantra for worshipping the planet of Ketu (Kuja)
Yantra for worshipping the planet of all the nine planets
Yantra for removing obstacles
Yantra removing the evil effects of the witchcraft
Yantra for attracting the people
Yantra to attract (or Hypnotize the king)
Yantra controlling the game of gambling
Yantra protecting the embryo
Yantra for fulfillment of the desire of having a son
Yantra to please Lord Shree Krishna
Devi Bhagawati Yantra
Yantra for worshipping the God of wealth (Kubera)
Yantra to acquire wealth
Kantawirya Yantra
Triloka Mohan Ganesh Yantra (Yantra of Lord Ganesh to attract three
spheres viz. Earth , sky and Underworld (patala)
Yantra ensuring victory
Yantra removing fever
Tripura Bhairava Yantra
Yantra for attraction
Yantra for attainment of all your desires
Waksiddhi Yantra
Sarwajana Vashikaran Yantra
Sudershan Chakra Pujan Yantra
Swastik chakra pujan Yantra
Bhuwaneshwari Devi Yantra
Shree Chamuda Devi Pujan Yantra
Shree Lalita Devi Pujan Yantra
Shree Kalyan Yantra
Sri Annapurna Devi Pujan Yantra
Shree Taradevi Pujan Yantra
Shree Kala Bhairava Pujan Yantra
Bhagwan Gorakshanath Yantra
Goraksha Swaroop Navnatha Pujan Yantra
Yantra for worshipping shree Saraswati the goddess of knowledge
Yantra to attract the lover
Sitaladevi Pujan Yantra
Bhoota Preta Badha Narashan Yantra
Yantra to cure Hemicrania
Yantra to cure children's diseases
Yantra for overcoming fear-complex in women,
Yantra for getting a job
Yantra for attracting males
Yantra for controlling powerful enemies
Yantra to overcome obstacles,
Yantra to acquire progeny
Yantra for getting success in gambling
Yantra for getting fame
Maha Siddha Yantra giving knowledge
Yantra curing barronness
Yantra protecting embryo
Yantra ensuring safe delivery
Yantra ensuring easy delivery
Yantra protecting children
Yantra curing fear complex in children
Yantra ensuring foreign journey
Yantra for job promotion
Yantra for the marriage of a daughter
Yantra bringing peace and happiness in the dosmestic life
Yantra for fulfulment of desires
Yantra for increasing intelligence
Yantra for promoting business
Yantra for good fortune
Yantra removing influence of an evil age
Yantra for incurable diseases
Siddha Yantra for removing obstacles
Yantra to appease the god of house or accommodation
Nrisinha Laxmi Yantra
Yantra bringing great wealth
Yantra for unexpected financial gains
Yantra to attain hidden wealth
Shree Kamakhyadevi Yantra
Laxmi Pujan Yantra
Yantra to get rid from the influence of withchcraft
Yantra to acquire lots of wealth
Yantra to attract a beautiful lady
Yantra for promoting well-being
Yantra removing ill effects of withcraft
Shree Kali Pujan Yantra
Yantra for controlling women
Yantra for controlling the husband
Yantra for controlling the officers
Auspicious Yantra empowered by magic for marital happiness
Siddha Yantra purified by rituals for protection from accidents
Yantra for overcoming nightmares
Yantra for getting better job
Yantra for worshipping fire
Sumukhi pujan Yantra purified by rituals
Yantra for worshipping vidyaradni goddess of knowledge
Chhinnamasta devi Pujan Yantra
Swayamwarkala Pujan Yantra
Madhumati Pujan Yantra
Bandh Mokshkar Pujan Yantra
Watayakshini Pujan Yantra
Matanga devi Pujan Yantra
Baneshi devi Pujan Yantra
Kameshidevi Pujan Yantra
Baladharan Pujan Yantra
Laghushyama Pujan Yantra
Triloka Mohan Stambhan yantra (Yantra for attracting and controlling three spheres viz.. Sky, Earth and Underworld)
Bagalamukhi Stambhan (refrainment Yantra)
Swapna warahi Pujan Yantra.

Yantra for conquering love of

Girlfriend (or wife)

Yantra for conquering love of boy-friend(or husband)

Gambling Yantra:

Keep this yantra in your pocket and play -- your - self confidnce will
increase and you will get miraculous success.

Vashikaran Yantra for conquering the enemy

Yantra for removing the black magic

Mahamrunjaya Yantra for conquering health, Escape from accident.

for getting bumper money


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